Sight Through Binocular (Fiction #7)

Once Ravi invited four of his friends to join for animal safari. They chose a common sunday and made their way to the zoo. Everyone came empty handed except Ravi with a binocular. They had experienced things in the past, with wilds rarely seen and binoculars can solace in bird watching. They all got equipped and started with the safari.

As they traversed through a long empty road, they waited for wilds to appear. But it was really a bad day for them that they could not even spot a deer. They believed it was not the propitious time for the safari. To retain the expectations, they looked for birds around. Reaching them unannounced, they heard a chirp from the east side of the road. Distant to be seen, Ravi took his binocular and adjusted little in search of the bird and line of sight. After few seconds of explore, it was an amazing Bulbul with red whiskers that caught his eye. All of his friends wanted to check it out one by one and they all knew to operate the binocular.

First friend Mukesh grabbed the binocular and looked in the direction Ravi froze last. Scouting around for some time, he had to change the settings trying to catch the view. In dismay he returned back with altered settings, saying he could not trace it.
Ravi glanced through and adjusted back to his settings to make it appear, ribbing Mukeshs’ handling skill of binoculars.

Ravi now transferred his binocular to his second friend Himanshu. Himanshu did not adjust any setting after seeing Ravi ribbing the first guy. He looked in every zone of their headed view but he could not sight any bird and returned back.
Ravi looked again and he spotted instantly the same whiskers, probably because the setting got retained. Before Ravi could kick him, himanshu took out his smartphone pretending to snap a selfie.

It was the third friend Nila’s turn now, she looked through and could not find again. She made her settings assuming to be an expert but that worked out. She spotted bulbul finally. Acknowledging the beauty, she retained for few seconds until she returned back with her altered settings.
When Ravi tried to spot with her settings, he was not able to, may be binoculars are individual specific. To avoid himself getting boomeranged, Ravi changed to his set and chortled to acknowledge the bulbul.

Last to Lakshmi, Ravi gives the binocular with his settings. She looked and spotted bulbul in a trice, glad to see someone with same view as Ravi’s. Admiring the beauty, she altered the settings and inclined on the side of the vehicle. Her face bulged in surprise and gives back the binocular to Ravi to look again without changing the settings. As he peeped through, it was an excellent view of company of bulbuls, showing their food eating skills indulging him unconsciously.

Next? Since then Ravi and Lakshmi joined for bird watching every alternate sundays ignoring the other three guys. As friends, they shared same views and acknowledged themselves. And possibly making the view to enlarge further. Friendship turning into a relationship is common. But finding the right companion is the most important. Safari made them realize the uniformity they share. If the jungle journey of 2 to 3 hours can be so compassionate, how would that be for a life journey. Eventually they shared their character one mirroring the other.

As life passed on years, they got married and lived happily thereafter !

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