How can we make ideas stick to the memory of readers?

Imagine you are at a party and your friend, who was dancing to the DJ, walks towards you to show his sun glasses. Why would he do that? He just says he bought his sunglasses from a new brand maker GG and they have excellent customer service. He suggests you to buy from GG if you are planning to buy one. Would you really think about buying a sunglass in midst of playing DJ? Is he trying to sell sunglasses as an affiliate? You would probably nod your head, excuse your friend and join the dance with other friends. Well, your friend did not intend to sell. He cares about you as you often lose or break your sunglasses at parties. Though GG had good customer service as per your friend’s opinion, he did not convince you in making a buy.

Let’s try a different approach. You are in a beach busy looking at people surfing across. Your friend seated near you starts with a story “Hey, you broke your glasses again. Why not you try GG, they replaced by broken sunglasses”. You would turn your head to hear the story more. He continues, “I left my glasses in my apartment and went to buy some groceries, leaving my pet dog alone in the house. When I came back, my glasses were broken into pieces and my dog had teethed the frames leaving them unshaped. It was a brand new glass with a week old and I wasn’t sure if I can replace. I managed to pack the pieces and send back to GG. In a week, I got a reply box from GG with a new pair of sunglasses and a dog bone”.

With this story, Will you be convinced in making a buy with GG ? Whether you decide to buy or not, you would share this information with others whom you find in similar shoes.

This is the power of telling with a story. Than just telling the ideas in statements, put them in a story. Add emotions, practical value and showcase the true purpose your story is heading to. This is applicable to anything you post in digital media. Rather than saying verbally, say it with an experience. Find the right time in delivering the content. Audience should be ready to read at first place. As they complete the read, they might forget the site from where they read the story but they will remember the idea that was conveyed.

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