Are you on twitter?

For some reason I feel Twitter has more productive posts than facebook. Maybe the groups in FB can be context specific but mostly I see FB clutters with a lot of data that I often feel clumsy. But Twitter is neat in terms of data. There is no flooding of reels, groups or suggestions. I am now an active user of Twitter and I have started to expand my footprint into twitter as @praveen_musings. The most favorite tweet is the video ad I made with the help of my friends.

What is special in my tweets ? I am utilizing the power of visual philosophies to make things crisp. With the help of some of my friends, I was able to learn some new tools and improve my content delivery skills. One example of my tweet that goes inline with the blog theme of empatheticalmind.

I believe it has a better representation of patience with empathy. Ideas when made into images convey straight to the mind philosophy. This is based on learnings from my twitter colleagues and some of my friends. Creating the thoughts in Picture is challenging interms of choosing the elements and converting the idea. I gave it a try for my first visual post but then it has become an addiction. It keeps my mind relaxed when I think and engage with the idea. Just like writing a blog, creating the picture makes me inter-meshed with the ideas. I had started writing quotes recently that in twitter I can find some of the out of mind quotes from other tweeters. As I had mentioned in my previous post about looking for quotes most of the time (Read more in Importance of Mature decisions I realized in my late 20s), It is becoming a new experience. As a creator, it is important to read other creations if you have to stimulate your own creativity. Whenever you lack ideas, read articles from others to trigger your neurons. It has really worked for me and it will surely do for you as well. With that help, I managed to write some of the quotes.

Some sarcasms as well 🙂

Some on poetry too.

Does it mean I won’t blog? Absolutely not. This blog gave me an avatar to start with and I cannot leave it behind. I will be active in both places equally. It doesn’t mean the blog posts publish rate will be less. To set up my base is twitter I took the first two weeks of August 2021. And now that is done, I should focus on Blog as well as Twitter. When I was only a Blogger, I used to spend some time on other non productive activities. Now I will be ignoring such things and time-multiplex between Twitter and Blog. So the time I spend on Blog is going to be the same and the morning non-productive routines will be replaced with Twitter time. To my surprise, I was able to get new ideas for my blogs when I think about twitter quotes. This has made me draft posts as they hit my head and today I have 45 drafts yet to be published. Same happens when I think about the blog. I get ideas about twitter pictures as I type my sentences. That way I am working for my contents throughout the day.

Finally, This is just like expanding a business into multiple products. Either way, it is from the author to the consumers. Do follow my blog and on Twitter to enjoy my contents.

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