First ever Cinematic Trailer of my blog – Empathetical Mind (#Let’sDoIt)

Title looks like an announcement of a movie, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t hate watching movies. We all love movies especially the trailer of a movie we have been waiting to watch. Trailers are incredible to watch especially when there is a fast playing BGM showing a snippet of action sequence and the BGM syncs with the action of the protagonist. Movie editors spend day and night to sync the BGM with video cuts. This sync editing inspired me in watching more of the trailers and WW84 trailer is my favorite till date. These trailers are edited with the story and theme of the movie in mind. A Fast pace movie should have a slow BGM to start and finish with smashing actions. This pattern always makes a hit.

All these trailers are great to watch if the movie has a leading well known casting. What if a movie is from a debut director whom you haven’t heard about before? There won’t be any scope for excitement right? If it doesn’t cast some well known actors, music directors, cinematographers or other known celebrities, we wouldn’t bother to watch those movies. But, if the movie casts a debut actor who was a stage artist before, people who have been visiting those stages, those who have watched them perform, admired their acting, would definitely try to watch those movies. A bar singer making her own album gets viewed at the beginning by the people who have been to her bars before. If the movie or the song is great, it gets shared across to their friends and family who would love to watch them. If the family and friends acknowledge the movie or song is great, it is going to get shared to many. That’s how things get popular. That’s why the community plays an important role in making someone rise to popularity.

I am now in a similar situation of a Motivational blog writer becoming a debut Motivational video maker. I have been very clear on my purpose which is to inspire people and video making is just another way of improving my niche. It doesn’t mean I will be making just the videos. All my thoughts and ideas are from my blog. What strikes my mind to make a video will be debuted in the blog first. Whichever post make it’s best will be made into a video. I won’t be making long videos, but I may reach to long videos in some time. Blogs and videos cannot be in a same place to avoid breaking the way of telling. So I have created an Youtube channel “EmpatheticalMind”. This should tell you the blog and Youtube channel are going to talk about the same purpose: Motivation, Inspiration and Wisdom sharing.

The first video I am going to show you is a trailer made with fast pacing BGM matching the video cuts, titled as #Let’sDoIt. As I said, this trailer video is based on the blog post Late Reactions. We all have goals and purposes but we never act on them. Every new year I have heard people promising new resolutions. To go to the gym everyday, read a lot of books, switch career in a month, start a business, learn a new technology, etc etc. In a week, the motivation slows down. You get dragged again to the old YOU and you forget the promise made. This trailer can be awakening to those who have their goals left behind.

Lets not wait further, Here you go !

PS: I request my followers to watch them, provide your honest feedback down the comments, share across if it really met its purpose. I don’t tell my readers to follow my blog if it isn’t an interesting read. Same applies to the channel. Being honest and transparent are the major tools for long term success.

2 thoughts on “First ever Cinematic Trailer of my blog – Empathetical Mind (#Let’sDoIt)

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  1. Sometimes I feel like I have logged enough failures to justify the elusive success!
    Commercial grade video. You videos may end up having more punch than your posts. LetsDoIt seems awfully close to the Nike slogan; I think you are creative enough to do better. DoIt without spacing always looks like “dolt” to me anyway. Technically “Lets” should be “Let’s” in the construction you are using.

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