Story of a Fallen Feather (Expect the unexpected)

I wasn’t born tall. I was soft and silky confined to the body. Some of my friends shed away. Some get plucked by the beak for the fault of skin. We drench in rain and we sweat most of the time. When the sun was back we would dry and get back to shape with the same silky soft texture. We helped with the flight, we protected the wings, we grew along to adapt with the body we were attached to. Life went smooth with a routine of wash and box-fresh looks. Soon we realized life isn’t designed to be that way. Once our attached body started to live on it’s own our struggles started. It had to find prey on it’s own, fight the opponents and colleagues, tear some feathers during the process and some feathers collapse on its own because of the injuries.

We did not have a choice to make. We were left with the fate of the body. Body was our MASTER and we obeyed the orders. Luckily I held on to the body for a longer time than I imagined. Many of us came and shed away soon but I wasn’t replaced. I thought my fate was good until one day when the prey catching ended in a disaster. Body had to fight with another body from different species. We did all we could but we lost our way. My master fell down from a hill top and was crushed to death. Death wasn’t happening like shown in the movies, it was an instant death for the master. We could not believe the truth happening in front of us.

We all feathers mourned the loss of our master. Everyone was younger than me and I was the oldest of the oldest. I organized for the funeral and we all made our speech. New feathers made anecdotes crying loud in the wind. I was the last one to speak. I did not want to speak much. I just said “We all have one life. And we were all born because of our master. Those who weren’t nice with the master were thrown out. Those who helped the master were used long in fights. Some martyred, some stayed long. I was there with the master throughout since birth. Today is our time to be sent back to where we came from. We have to shed on our own. We can’t wait for the predators to remove us. If we have to be separated from the master it should be only us to decide. Next life will be ours, together again as brothers and sisters. Let us pray in silence for a minute and then we can leave our master”.

As we mourned and prayed, we shed one by one. It was my responsibility to make them all shed and finally it will be me. I waited for all to be gone. Each of them shed and flew away in the early winds like messengers carrying the death story. When all were gone I waved at the sky to thank my master. I closed my eyes and I was blown away.




Where am I? In hell ? Heaven? Afterlife doesn’t look bad like I thought it would. I could feel the calm environment, somewhere in a room. I thought my life was over but I could still see some species of predators around. I did not understand if I should be alive even after leaving my master. Isn’t it against the protocol to not be dead? Then I saw a strange human, whom I haven’t seen before, picking me up. He looked at me around, admiring my silky strong stem. I am old but look better than the young. He waved me in the air and placed me on top of his weird head. Oh it wasn’t his head, it was a Hat. Yes, I found a new master who keeps me always in his hat. Everytime he goes out to hunt he wears the hat. I was reborn as a symbol, an identity, an irreplaceable feather. I thought I was lucky to be reborn, it was because of my age and strength. Else I would have been ignored like the other young ones.

Few years passed, I was still in the hat but it was time for the master to stop hunting. He was banned from hunting. Actually he did not go to hunt, it was to steal from houses. I mistakenly thought it was a hunting business but he was a thief. I was really ashamed to be in his hat when he got banned. I got to know his true colours. Though my new master was alive I wanted to mourn and leave his hat. I looked for a nice day. Before I could even fly away, I was trashed by the master. Me and hat were left alone to be picked. I thought my life was over.




Where am I? It is not hell or heaven again. But this time I saw a new human. I was held in his hand and dipped into some liquid. Whenever I wet in the rain I would wet from top. But this time I felt wet on my stem. And I was rubbed on a white material. Oh yes, it was a paper. I was being used by this new human to write articles. I wasn’t aware about the writings if it was good or bad but I was reborn again. I was named the Quill Pen. I was becoming a new symbol. I now found a new master, hopefully he will be a good guy unlike the previous.

After some days, my new master fell ill. His hand could not hold me anymore. I was left numb. He became famous of his writings but then it was time for his end. One early morning, his family gathered around crying, like we did to our first master body. I was left untouched for some hours and I just closed my eyes to let my death to take over.




When I opened my eyes again, I found myself in a cage. So am I in hell finally? I looked around searching for master again. I found many humans in front of me, looking at my stem and taking photographs. What am I supposed to do now? Between me and humans I found a transparent glass. Adjacent to me were the first master body, second master hat and the third master’s ink bottle aside me. I am now in a Museum to have me showcased to the humans. Should I consider to be dead or Am I still holding my purpose of making people admire me?


The End

Long story isn’t it. What a feather that was. Everytime it thought it was the end, it reborned into something else. Feather as a feather to begin with, as a symbol of pride, as a Quill Pen to the artist. It explored its life again and again. But it was holding its purpose till the end. Though it was used differently, it was holding the purpose of making humans admire its beauty.

If this is the case of a feather, think about the humans. We are more than a feather. Everytime we feel it is over, we will have something else waiting for us. Till then you will be in Coma. You never know what to do. You don’t live, your life gets stuck. Then a miracle happens. You open your eyes to find yourself in a different position. Your life gets back to track. You get what you did not expect. Life is about expecting the unexpected. You train, you learn, you struggle, you lose and then you win.

When your Master (Mindset) is gone, you get lost. When you find your new Master you get back your life. Your Master is the one who keeps you alive with the soul. Without Master your life loses its soul, becoming a lone wanderer without a direction of purpose. Be patient and let that wave to settle. Soon you will find your new Master. Just hold on to your purpose, you will find your new Master.

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  1. You remind me of people who went through cultural shock when living in a new place. “When your Master (Mindset) is gone, you get lost. When you find your new Master you get back your life.” This is exactly how it feels like. Such a beautiful metaphor.

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