Midnight breaks are the best time to think about creativity.

I was in a 300kms travel from my native to my friend’s marriage. We all love traveling and this travel was almost after months amidst Covid. I always prefer window seat for multiple reasons. Before I started my blog I used to get Random thoughts during my journey. I get some ideas for my story writing, career opportunities to explore, introduction to new technologies and many such voila ideas. After I started my blog I just put them down in Draft. This is one of such kind. I was traveling and I woke in the middle to check if my bag and my ma were in place. Problem with these kind of midnight breaks are they don’t let you sleep immediately like the bed night sleep. We have to wait for the mood to settle and eyes to close without constant interruptions. During this gap of awake mode, our minds think fresh. I think about motivational quotes all the time and such a thought happened on that travel break.

I was browsing my Twitter notifications and I found this from one of the guy I follow:

Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

In quote tweet I made this:

Just like humans, “Hard” doesn’t keep its promise of making your day hard all the time.
Whenever “Hard” goes to vacation utilise the oppurtunity.

If I had read that tweet on a day time I am not sure if I would have thought about a counter tweet. But getting such a thought inbetween an interrupted sleep is something great I felt about myself.

As David Perell said in one of his posts, human creativity works in two modes : #coffee mode and #Beer mode. Coffee mode is the usual mode where we work on some idea we had framed earlier. Beer mode is the spark of idea or concept that happens from nowhere. We never know when it can popup. It just triggers your core creativity for your next creation like choosing a topic to write for your next blog or concept art you can create next or any new formula to your existing outputs. And I can never ignore the window seat travel is the best moment to trigger our #Beer mode.

Here are the original tweets I was talking about:

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