Collection of Lively Quotes I Wrote out of my mind

1 / 13: Innovation is different minds connecting the same dots with their own wisdom. If minds are different, visions and perspectives are different.

2 / 13: Every human has a TALENT.
Some find it earlier.
Some find it later.
Many find it Never as they are busy living others life.

3 / 13: Be like a surfer sailing through the highs and not allowing lows to sink. When it is low, you are done with the execution.

4 / 13: Bad creators create all day.
Good creators travel a lot !

5 / 13: Being wise is quite easy. Being wise throughout in every situation needs discipline.

6 / 13: Dreams not acted upon are same as they never existed.

7 / 13: Fiction, Non Fiction, Self-help books. The first book that made its way to your desk decides if reading should become a habit. Reading the first book takes lot of courage. If that book fails to engage, reading collapses and you are unlucky.

8 / 13: Just like humans, “Hard” doesn’t keep its promise of making your day hard all the time. Whenever “Hard” goes to vacation utilise the oppurtunity.

9 / 13: If you are awake when the time crosses from 23:59 to 00:00, you are either busy spending effectively or busy wasting effectively.

10 / 13: At times we have to get out of the box to think out of the box !

11 / 13: Listening to wise depends on how wise the listeners are !

12 / 13: Process of completion takes time. Important is to be consistent. Visualize the future to improve consistency.

13 / 13: Depend on your internal energy. If your source is external, things can blackout anytime.

To improve is to change.
To be perfect is to change often – Winston Churchill.

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