Why creators are addicted to Tea ?

Who wouldn’t like Tea and Coffee? We all love them. We work hard, stressing our minds, we need such drinks to relax and keep our brains fresh. A mix of aroma and milk with the exact quantity of sugar and heat, it is going to melt us for the 10 minutes it is going to be sipped. Green Tea, Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea, Black Tea, Irani Chai (My favorite from Hyderabad), Filter Coffee, Brewed Coffee, I can go on with the list. They hold their own place that they can never be replaced with any other beverage. Even the non-addicted, non-smoking guys would need that to relax.

While most of us drink them often, some have the habit of having them in mid of work. They take a sip, don’t even look at the mug, continue with the work. A Liquid companion helping with the work. Book readers, nature lovers, rain lovers; everyone takes tea as they perform an action. While this is common for working people, it was more common among the creators. I always used to debug my habits with a Question of Why. Why am I having more tea? Why do I prefer on some days more than the other days? Why am I having them warm than hot? It actually lead me to a path taken by creators and understand their mind as well. So here is what I found based on my interactions.

When we have Tea or Coffee, we always have something to talk or something to think. We gossip if we are with friends, take out our smartphone if alone and browse the useless chats, look at others or stare at a distance with thoughts showing something it was waiting to show. Just recap the last tea you had and try to remember the happenings around. Where were you seated? Was that a cloudy weather? What was the work that you were doing? You can ask any question on the environment and you will be able to recollect. The reason for Tea to make us remember is, Tea helps in improving our thinking by not interfering with the thoughts.

Let me take an example of having a burger with loaded cheese. When you have this burger what would you be doing? You will be holding the burger, you will see the cheese trying to drip but then you analyze the size of burger and your brain informs you to open your mouth accordingly. Once it fills your mouth you will be feeling the taste, not able to utter a word, just nod and enjoy the cheese. As this continues, you will be fully focussed on the burger and paying less attention to the environment. You will be chatting with friends of-course but the interaction will be limited.

The foods that keep us occupied on them doesn’t allow us to use our brain for productive reasons. You can take any food you take unconsciously when you are busy creating a blog post or any art, you will find yourself more occupied in your work than the food themselves. If the food is going to attract you and keeps you busy in their texture or taste, they aren’t letting your brain to be pulled out.

This reminds me of the behavior I perform when I am creating something. When I write a blog post I sip tea in gaps that everytime I complete a paragraph, it triggers me to take a sip. There exists a pattern. We need a break but at the same time it shouldn’t deviate us from the work we have been doing. So I take a sip, think about the next paragraph I should be phrasing and finally complete the work for the day. Once the tea is over, If I have few more contents to be completed, I will be typing some words and then stare at the empty cup and then complete the sentences. Even looking at the empty cup triggers my thinking.

I am not sure if the same trigger works with any other beverages. But Tea has been my companion all the time. It never interferes with my work. Same happens when using mobile phone. You sip your tea by not looking at it but fingers scrolling the pages. Whichever drink keeps us continued with our intention find their place during our creation. Chewing gum was very similar but then I had to stop that for some reasons.

When I checked with some of my friends addicted to Tea, they never tell the actual reason for it. They aren’t sure of the reason. They just say it feels good to have Tea. You gossip a lot with friends, still you aren’t interrupted. But if the tea spills on your shirt as you try to control your laugh, you will be pulled by the spill and then you never get back to the conversation like before. You will be concerned more on the spill on the shirt trying to clean it ASAP.

So the conclusion is, whichever drink that keeps you occupied with your work will be your favorite drink. Do you think is this could be the reason? Caffeine and other receptors have an effect in brain but more than chemistry and reactions, I feel the thinking mind factor plays a key role. What do you say?

Do let me know in your comments.

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