New Year Resolutions Fade – Here is How you get Back on Track

By now 50% of people would have forgot about the resolutions they made on New Year. Why New Year Resolutions fade? How to get back on track?

Many of us feel New Year is a great day to begin something new or to restart something we left in the past. This is because special days reset our mood to have a fresh beginning. Some people make resolution on New Years, some every month day 1, some on Birthdays.

As a week pass by, we start losing focus. Distractions, lack of Interest, lack of Motivation, everything dilutes us. We tend to look at the % completed and the % left over, tell ourselves, “There is a lot to do”. But the excitement isn’t the same as our day one.

First two days – 5% progress everyday. Rest of the week – 3%. Second week – 1%. One fine day our present triggers a thing of past, making us regret. And we try to anchor another day to reset everything again, and the cycle continues.

While this seems to be a reality, we can still keep our enthusiasm high to keep things going. Here is how:

1. Visualize the output. What does it feel like if you achieved it. Your life will never be the same. Positive Energy that was waiting to burst starts erupting, reaching the whole universe. Practise this visualization everyday.

2. If your progress is delayed because of genuine reasons, agree and move on. But don’t make it a habit. Don’t compare your progress with others. Your chapter 1 is different from their chapter 10.

3. Everyday begins fresh. You don’t need special days to begin. Sleep is an invention from God to reset our moods. If you missed it today, begin fresh tomorrow.

4. Run away from distractions. If smartphone is your distraction, have it placed in other room.

5. Finally, set a target, decompose into simple tasks, focus on the tasks one by one. If your goal is to read a book of 200 pages, target to do it in 10 days, 20 pages per day. As simple as that.

With these steps, your resolutions just don’t fade but your universe starts aligning with your ambitions. And soon the success will be yours.

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