How to surround with real people? – Be real

Imagine having the same representation of your character inside and outside. If you are happy inside, you are smiling outside. If you are depressed inside, you look sad outside. If you are numb inside, you stay calm outside as well.

When you are truly authentic you don’t have to pretend every time. You will live your life. You will be at peace by giving your intuitions the top priority. You won’t have to prepare yourself to act nice. With love and support of your mind, your body will incline towards the wellness of the soul. You will be surprised to see your mind and body aligning to your beliefs. You will appreciate the expression of life crafted by the inner voice. Inner conflicts will be on extinct.

While authenticity makes you feel real, it allows others to understand your core emotions. People who are around will be given a chance to empathize with your true character. It will in turn help you to tell who cares about you and who doesn’t. It will help you filter your surroundings. You will know to whom you should give access to your emotions and to whom you shouldn’t. Rather than playing the character of a person that others want us to play, you will live the personality your soul wants you to live.

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