My soul healing message to the survivor inside you

I understand your pain. You were betrayed, you were cheated; you were screwed, you were tortured. You did not have anyone to console. You were blamed for your decisions. Everyone was pointing their finger at you for the loss. Your life felt devastated.

But you managed to move on. You remained strong. When people thought you would be gone, you stood for yourself. You knew what to care about and what to ignore. Your purpose was your focus. With so much passion and love you won over the negativity people were throwing at you.

If I had known you before, I would’ve stood by your side. I would’ve held your hand to add to your strength. I’m sorry for not being a part of your past. My life introduced wrong people to me before I met you. I gave them love I should’ve given you. I gave them the piece of heart you must’ve owned. I was betrayed like you had gone through. I know how it would’ve felt. I know how tough it would have been to feel lost. Today I promise that, I will be on your side whatever it takes. I will. I will. Look at my eyes. I will be…. I will always be.

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