Life quote from a photographer

You can change the lens, But not the subject under your vision.Once you have decided the subject and made your mind, you have to explore ways to make the subject look appealing to your vision. If you keep switching the subject, either you are an observer or a

My Ladder will be My Ladder !

"She got a job offer of 570k USD.He got a job offer of 400k USD.You got a job offer of 200k USD.They got a job offer of 50k USD.I got a job." You could be one of the above. Important is to climb the ladder, starting from the top or bottom doesn't matter. And you... Continue Reading →

A Step back is never a set back

⛳️ 🏌🏻 Arrow has to be pulled back to move forward and hit hard. Without backswing, golf balls can never be hit to travel far.Steps have to be taken back to jump from a cliff to another. Every goal has to be broken into stepping stones or stepping cliffs. Stones are easy to jump if... Continue Reading →

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