Brain (Haiku #8)

Peace of mindPieces are blindlies are kind When brain stops thinking, mind achieves peace.When mind achieves peace, thoughts are absent, turning the minds blind.These are impossible, but as a human we can only think but not achieve the actual peace. Any thoughts not having action are as kind as lies spoken.

Sarcasms Again

As a warm up, we are always told to do Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) when we start doing yoga.I am not a time keeper, so I do all my excercises or yoga at night.Is it still called Surya Namaskar?Tweet He: I am such a loser, I don't even have 10 visitors to my wordpress blog... Continue Reading →

Big Success needs Small formula

An Anchor can stop a ship.Tiny Wheel chocks can hold an airplane.Every big lock has a small key.Every big minds need small tools to hold them steady.Procedure to stabilize our mind involves throwing an anchor, slowing down the speed and shifting of thoughts, placing the chocks at the right time and locking them so that... Continue Reading →

Hold Patience

Untangling a knot needs patience and focus.If we stretch the wrong edge, it is going to tighten further.Stressing more will increase the complexity.Relaxing the knot will reveal a window to pass or it can help to pull the right edge.It is never a breeze after this window appears.To dismantle the knot completely, entire string on... Continue Reading →

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