Soul is Special

Your soul is special. You don't have to be worrying all the time. You don't have to be broken all the time. You don't have to be sad all the time. All that you can do is to stay positive all the time.

Race through (Motivation Quote from Emind)

Being part of the race and busy executing your trained skills, you cannot watch the spectators if they capture you or clap for you or curse you. If your progress depends on their action, you will be the last to complete the race. We have to focus on the path. Just the path !

Being Unique – Machine Learning

Be unique that if a machine learning algorithm tries to learn from you, it cannot fit you in the curve. You being part of the training set, no other test input should get you as an output. Only you as an input should give you as an output.

A Rose and Human Traits

A Rose Vase specimen is kept on a table in an empty room and different people are called in to describe the specimen. Their responses will be recorded which will be made public and live streamed. Aggressive Human - "Why the hell am I put in an empty room !" Boastful Human - "Petals isn't... Continue Reading →

The Glass – Lesson to learn

Photo by Michael on Unsplash Every glass has two properties, some amount of light gets reflected and some are let in. Mirrors have zero transparency but glasses have more transparency, still reflection cannot be neglected. From one side, looking at the other side gets done easily but reading the reflection needs right focus ignoring the... Continue Reading →

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