How’s your Goal ?

January 2022 is over and it is time to question ourself if our goals we promised on new year is good and are we on track. Some would've made new resolutions, some the same resolutions with an increase in % to accomplish, some none. NONE category includes people who make goals and forget about it.... Continue Reading →

Knowledge and Wisdom

Person with broad knowledge but lack of wisdom is like a tree with wide spread branches but weak roots. You don't need a hurricane or cyclone, strong wind is easy enough to uproot your ground.Quote from EmpatheticalMind Check out similar quotes here

Late Reactions

As you sow, so you reap. People who were slim went obese in this lockdown. They were not conscious of their diet and impacts. When they climbed two floors after months, they realize what they have sown is reaping. When you sow you are not conscious. You never look at the place, never bury deep,... Continue Reading →

Psychology of waiting in Queue

Imagine you are standing in a queue to checkout your groceries and there are around 10 people ahead of you. There are 5 counters in total and you are standing in the 4th counter since it appears like it is moving faster and the queue length is almost same in all the counters. With no... Continue Reading →

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