Sweet Sarcasms

Do you know the colour of Black Box in airplanes? It will be in bright Orange or Yellow. Three days ago I put aside the two Asparagus out of my dining table and showed my empty water battle to my mom. What you saw on TV was a spoof. Every time his wife buzz him... Continue Reading →

Agile Sarcasm (#12)

Being part of Agile scrum is good especially when working from home. Than sedentary, habitually we all stand during our standup meetings in our pyjamas.As we update our status one by one, we wait for our name to be called just like "Ok Google", "Siri", "Alexa". Until then, we remain dormant. When it is our... Continue Reading →

Five Houses (Sarcasm #10)

Colours were present since 40,000 years ago with Red predominantly used in cave drawings. With advancements, people created dyes of different colours from pigments.In 1800's, a Person wanted to prove his wealth by constructing 5 houses with same dimension but with different colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple). Paints were expensive that he spent hunderds... Continue Reading →

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