Brain (Haiku #8)

Peace of mindPieces are blindlies are kind When brain stops thinking, mind achieves peace.When mind achieves peace, thoughts are absent, turning the minds blind.These are impossible, but as a human we can only think but not achieve the actual peace. Any thoughts not having action are as kind as lies spoken.

Sarcasms Again

As a warm up, we are always told to do Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) when we start doing yoga.I am not a time keeper, so I do all my excercises or yoga at night.Is it still called Surya Namaskar?Tweet He: I am such a loser, I don't even have 10 visitors to my wordpress blog... Continue Reading →

Breathing Yoga (Sarcasm #2)

In Yoga, as a warm up session, we are always told to breath in and breath out slowly and deeply.Everytime Guru says to feel the expansion in our stomach when we breath in and feel the tension in our stomach when we breath out.I don't know why, I always get opposite, my stomach expands when... Continue Reading →

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